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Our Service


Please find to our work open-access articles under the section publications on this webpage. In the publication section, we discuss the issues of finance and management through our research atricles.


In regard of our service, we offer market research and provide support in developing your research study, with a full service approach.  Our service comprises the following seven tasks:

(1) Defining the research objectives or research question;  (2) developing a measuring tool, like i.e., a questioner, online survey etc.;  (3) planning the operationalization;  (4) conducting the elicitation of data;  (5) analyzing the collected data;  (6) deriving recommendations and implications from the data;  and (7) providing new and relevant practical insights in form of a study. 

In summary
, we offer specifying the research objectives;  offer the support and the handling during the research phase;  to deliver a study that exhibits relevant and new insights for the practical use.




Data Collection


For the process of data collection, the subsequent questions can occur:

(a) How can sufficient and analyzable amounts of data be collected?  (b) How can the population be anonymized correctly?  (c) How can occurring biases, like i.e., HALO effects be avoided?  (d) What experience is relevant for the practical realization of surveys?  (e) Are all representatives of the population sufficiently considered in the survey?  (f) How large should the survey be to be significant?  Etc.

These questions and further questions should be addressed, when conducting an elicitation.  For this, we can recommend accompanying the process of data collection through our support as an experienced research specialist.



Data Analysis


The data analysis can exhibit several challenges. During the analysis the subsequent questions could occur:

(a) What aspects should be considered for a plausibility analysis and what statistical methods offer an overview?  (b) What indications are statistically possible?  (c) What further quantitative, multivariate methods can be recommended?  (d) What clusters, factors, or probabilities occur?  (e) How should the assessed coefficient be interpreted?  (f) What recommendations can be found through the insights and what practical implications can be made?

These questions and further questions are relevant, when analyzing a set of data.  From this, we can also recommend accompanying the process of data analysis and interpretation through our support as an experienced analysis specialist.



Research Study


Through the data analysis new insights can be detected.  Essentially, the production of a study offers a well founded basis for decision making, from which further practical insights can be gained.  Research studies can be important for organizations, to adjust quantified the strategic, tactical, or operational corporate objectives.